A nurse’s intuition

Connecting employees to what they need most


With nearly three decades of experience, Sue, a York nurse case manager, is no stranger to the world of healthcare claims. But what makes Sue and nurses like her truly exceptional is their ability to intuitively understand what employees need, even before they recognize it themselves.

When an employee named Adam called in with questions on his FMLA claim, Sue could hear in his voice that he was frustrated and fearful. She took the time to listen to his concerns, providing comfort and reassurance that York was with him every step of the way. By the end of the call, Adam felt confident about the process and his ability to move through it smoothly.

Sue’s interaction with Adam is just one example of how we are bringing the human connection to everything we do, each and every day.

“My goal is to come to work each day and do the best job I can because someone depends on me.” Sue, York nurse case manager