22% risk management cost savings. 100% collaboration.

We’re an extension of the city of Fort Worth team, providing consistency and compassion in everything we do.


Fort Worth is a dynamic and growing metropolis situated in the heart of Texas. And in this city of more than 870,000, there is no better representation of Fort Worth’s mix of pride and generosity than its workers. From first responders to municipal employees, they are committed to serving the citizens of this bustling city. And at York, we’re committed to serving them.

With an integrated and customized solution for claims administration and managed care, we identified opportunities for growth and cost savings, like uncollected reimbursement payments from carriers and third parties.

Reducing risk management costs by 22%, the city of Fort Worth was able to reinvest those savings into safety, loss control and expanded staff, and together we implemented the City’s first return-to-work program.

Committed to public entities

Jody Moses, York’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Public Entity, explains why serving public entities is integral to who we are.