The importance of medical roundtables: a recap from NWCDC

It was a whirlwind few days in Vegas, but the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference was a huge success.

I had the opportunity to speak alongside Suzy Braden, workers’ compensation claims manager at Encompass Health, discussing the value of medical roundtables. Our key takeaway? How important it is that everyone — medical professionals included — come together in order to drive better claim outcomes. Perhaps most importantly, we discussed how medical roundtables really demonstrate why an integrated model may be a better approach.

Sixty percent of workers’ compensation costs are from medical factors. Medical drives claim costs, complications and delays — but traditional claim reviews don’t include medical experts.

The topic of claim reviews came up in several meetings throughout the conference. The general consensus is that there has to be a better way to do these to make them more effective, especially given the increasing role of medical in terms of both cost and complexity.

I was surprised to learn that more people aren’t taking advantage of all the medical resources they have on their programs today. At a minimum, including a pharmacist from their PBM would be a good start!

Throughout the conversation we fielded a lot of great, thought-provoking questions. That tells me this is certainly a topic worth exploring more! Stay tuned for further York communications about the benefits of medical roundtables; in the meantime, explore the new

JJ Schmidt, head of analytics and innovation at York