Behind every claim there’s a unique story

And it’s our responsibility to understand that story so we can drive the best outcome.


Crystal, a York Absence Management Specialist, first got to know her client, Richard, as he was caring for his wife, who was enduring treatment for an illness. When he called to say that his wife had passed away — so he would no longer need Crystal’s help with his FMLA claim — she could have simply closed the claim and moved on. But she didn’t. Crystal continued to work with him, making sure he had the bereavement services and resources he needed, and the personal, compassionate care he deserved.

Crystal is just one example of how our York associates are bringing the human connection to everything we do, each and every day. A commitment to delivering superb quality and compassion… it’s just The York Way.

I am proud to work for a company with our core values and mission. Crystal, York Absence Management Specialist