Join us at PARMA

We’ll be there throughout the conference (February 10-13), and we’d love to connect! 

Stop by, say hello and experience the new York brand. Join two of our experts:

Actuarial Hocus Pocus – The Magic Explained
Monday, February 11, 2-3:15pm
Mike Harrington, Bickmorewith Mujtaba Datoo, Aon and John Alltop, CSAC-EIA
The actuarial report is a great tool for the risk manager in quantifying costs and identifying trends. This session will explain the results of a typical actuarial report, including outstanding liabilities for completing financial statements and projected program costs for budgeting purposes. The concepts of data quality, loss development, ultimate losses, reserves, discounting and confidence levels will all be addressed. We will also discuss how to interpret trends in frequency, severity and loss rates. All these exciting concepts will be explored in plain and simple English and with some “actuarial entertainment” along the way!

From Start to Finish: Implementing Effective Workplace Wellness Programs Citywide
Wednesday, February 13, 9-10am
Tom Kline, York, with Felicia Gomes, Pinnacle Training Systems and Wellness Solutions and Patrice Hildreth, City of Porterville
Due to rising medical claims and costs, many cities are looking for ways to mitigate this liability. We will share a city’s step-by-step process in developing and implementing a grassroots workplace wellness program. We’ll also discuss components of an effective workplace wellness program and identify the key personnel required to execute the program and the data needed to evaluate its effectiveness.


February 10th
Anaheim, CA