y.View is here!

We’re excited about the launch of y.View, our quarterly e-magazine.

With y.View, we’re sharing our point of view on the trends that shape our industry. Each issue is packed with interactive articles, videos, infographics and more, aimed at exploring the topics and issues you want and need to know about, with a fresh perspective.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the first issue:

  • A letter from Chairman and CEO Thomas WarsopBig changes are coming to risk and insurance — and millennials and automation are leading the way
  • To catch a millennial (article)We’ve been talking about millennials since before the millennium even began. Now, it’s time for the industry to do more than talk. It’s time to act.
  • Man vs. machine (article)How technology is changing the way we work
  • Breaking down barriers: Risk & HR (article)When risk management and human resources work together for employee absences, everyone wins
  • York’s CMO Maria Conry on transforming the industry (video) “If you want to transform an industry, you start by taking a good look at yourself”

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