Change is coming: But what will it look like?

y.View Summer 2019


Our summer issue of y.View, York’s e-magazine, has arrived! We’re diving into the topics and issues you want and need to know about, with a fresh perspective.

Here’s what to expect in the summer issue:

  • Change is coming: But what will it look like? — Getting back to health, work and productivity looks different these days than it used to. We’re learning as we go, adjusting as we see fit and embracing what’s to come.
  • Keeping up with a remote workforce: 5 things to consider — More people than ever are performing their job remotely. We’ll look at the many benefits, along with the risks that could affect how employees actually work, wherever they are.
  • Beyond awareness: Supporting mental health among employees — The symptoms of mental illness can sometimes be “invisible,” but the risks of not addressing them are clear. We’ll discuss the impact employee mental health has on an organization, and what employers can do to mitigate the risks.
  • Time to change up your captive? — When it comes to unexpected absences, a captive program can go a long way toward protecting your employee assets. And by incorporating absence management into your overall risk management strategy, you can continue to protect your organization, support employees and minimize exposures.
  • 6 ways a single-payer model could impact workers’ compensation — In a recent interview with Risk & Insurance, York’s Chairman and CEO Thomas Warsop explains that “it’s important the industry has a seat at the table now and is part of the conversation.”

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