York is speaking at CMSA’S 2019 Conference & Expo

We’ll be there June 11, and we’d love to connect!

Join two of our experts:

Medical Roundtables: A Better Way to Resolve Tough Issues that Hinder Resolution and Outcomes
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 3:15-4:30pm
Brenda Calia, York and Suzie Burdette, York
Medical expenses will soon account for more than 60% of costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. Even so, traditional claim reviews tend to focus only a small amount of time, resources and discussion on issues related to medical expenses. As a result, many organizations miss out on the opportunity to reduce costs and decrease time spent on a claim. With the knowledge and understanding of these factors, an organization gains transparency into even the most complex claims. This interactive session will explore the advantages of using medical roundtables as a resource and share the key components to a strong medical roundtable — including who should be involved, how it should be planned and who should facilitate. When all factors are considered, a medical roundtable can be a resource to identify, understand and address specific medical issues that often hold up the status of a claim. We’ll also discuss how a team can work collaboratively to make strategic and tactical decisions and how the right approach can be applied to other claims in the future to ensure success.

June 11th
Las Vegas