York is speaking at the 2019 DMEC Compliance Conference

We’ll be there throughout the conference (May 6–9), and we’d love to connect!


Stop by, say hello to us at booth 25 and experience the new York brand. Join two of our experts:

Breaking Down Mental Health’s Impact on Absence Management
Wednesday, May 8, 2019 3-4pm, (Session 4a)
Heather Luiz and Meredith Simoneaux, York
Is your employee depressed or just unqualified? Not knowing the difference could cost you. The signs of a mental health condition can be misleading and are often misconstrued as an employee putting little to no effort into their job responsibilities. Are you confident you’ll be able to identify the signs of a mental health condition? York’s Senior Vice President of Absence Management, Heather Luiz, and Assistant General Counsel, Meredith Simoneaux will walk you through some of the common indicators of a mental health condition. Discover how HR managers often misinterpret these signs, leading to confusion, weakened morale and, in extreme cases, litigation. Learn what your responsibility is under the ADA and how you can create a workplace environment that supports employees facing mental health conditions.

May 8th
Portland, OR