York is speaking at the 88th Spring & Education Conference

We’ll be there June 13, and we’d love to connect.


Captive Insurance: Friend or Foe
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 1:30–3:30pm
Jim Podesva, York | Rebecca Bartoletti, Liberty Specialty Markets | Kevin Hutcheon, Argo Global
Insurers and reinsurers alike face issues from the beginning of a claim through its conclusion. What’s the role of the independent adjuster? How are his or her duties assigned? And how will those duties affect reporting and other factors? This panel will address the best practices for, and potential pitfalls of, dealing with captive insurers. We’ll discuss how specific provisions in the reinsurance wording can impact the adjustment and payment of claims, as well as the legal ramifications of including (or not) cut-through or claims control clauses in the reinsurance agreement. We’ll also identify the impact of non-concurrencies in reinsurance wording and their effect on the application of such clauses to the broader market.

June 13th