Absence Management

Any absence.
Every return.
Total well-being.

We take the stress and uncertainty out of any absence and every return by focusing on total well-being. For employees, that means guiding them through the claims process and serving as their advocate, every step of the way. And for you, it means designing the perfect program to meet your objectives and empower you to make informed decisions.

Control costs and improve your employee experience

We deliver a better, more human experience — one that gets employees back to work up to
13 days sooner than the industry average.

Any absence.

We’re experts at handling any and all leaves of absence. You and your employees will have a single point of contact and a true partnership marked by compassion, consistency and a powerful digital experience.

  • Total absence management services

    Short- and long-term disability
    State paid and unpaid leave
    Company-sponsored programs
    Coordination with workers’ compensation

Every return.

It’s our mission to get employees back to health, work, and productivity as quickly and safely as possible. We’ll help you customize a return-to-work program that supports your company, culture and people so that you can get your employees back sooner.

  • Return to work services

    Functional job assessments
    Transitional work services
    Modified duty off-site
    Vocational services
    ADA compliance

Total well-being.

We’re committed to improving total well-being for you, your organization and your employees. From implementing an absence program that maximizes performance, to connecting your employees to personalized services to support them throughout their absence, we think holistically about wellness, for everyone impacted by an employee absence.

  • Expertise

    Productivity continuity plan
    Gap analysis
    Health and wellness insights
    Care Concierge
    Well Wishes and Need to Know videos

Workers’ Compensation

We’ve changed the game when it comes to workers’ compensation because the world of workers’ compensation has changed. Sixty percent of workers' compensation costs stem from medical factors. That's why we created medical roundtables, where subject matter experts leverage qualitative and quantitative data to drive the best outcome. We also look at analytics every day, so we can make savvy decisions and address medical factors early.

Learn more about our Workers’ Compensation solution